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What The World Needs To Hear

By Roman Nechay

Why is evangelism important? It is important because Jesus gave us a commandment, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" (Mark 16:15). Jesus our Lord knew the importance of preaching. For He wants to use us as a witness to the world to represent Him. We are ambassadors of Christ. He wants us, made holy by the truth of Jesus to make known that anyone can be right with God.

Some need to hear that God loves them, some need to hear that Jesus can save them from their worst sin, others might need to see a miracle to believe. The desire that's in God's heart is for all to be saved and believe the gospel. It was the plan from the very beginning, and the Lord has kept it the same ever since. That's why Jesus died for all sins, and then He rose again from the dead.

We see that all men and women are sinners, and they need to be saved. Saved from what? From their corrupt nature, the flesh which is an enemy to God. The sinful nature hates God and His ways, that is why every person must be born again, to receive a new nature and become a child of God.

The sinful nature is wicked and vile in God's eyes, that's why Jesus offers us by faith a new nature, the Holy Spirit. He comes and makes us whole, rejecting our sins and rebellion against God. Each person rebelled against the Lord by adultery, hatred, unforgiveness. To come back under the Lord's submission we need Jesus who obeyed the Father in all things, and took our punishment in our place on the cross.

The world is longing for the good news of the gospel, and we must give it to them. Each born-again believer has a testimony to share what God has done for them. Each christian can share the love of God with another by telling them what Christ has done for them. Let us not be afraid of proclaiming the gospel! Our faith overcomes all fear.

Jesus will make a new person out of anyone if they are willing to turn from their sins and turn to Jesus. The Holy Spirit is always ready to make a home in the sinner, if they confess their faults and admit that Jesus is Lord they will be saved. We must give them the gospel, the world is waiting for it.

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